The Road Winding

A Moment's Surrender

O You Who Turn the Wheel

And Look to Windward

Up the White Road

Your Shadow at Morning

Behind His Wing

Under the Shadow

Of This Red Rock

After the Agony

And the Dry Stone

Between Two Lives

Southwest Wind

The Wind

Crosses the Brown Land


Like a Burnished Throne

The Nymphs Are Departed

Who Was Once Handsome and Tall as You

We Who Were Living

But When I Look Ahead


Perilously Spread

By the Sun's Last Rays

Another One Walking

Out of This Stony Rubbish

Fed With Copper

Burned Green and Orange


By the Coloured Stone

In the Gardens

I Tiresius

What the Thunder Said

Summer Surprised Us

Rock and No Water

And the Sandy Road

After the Frosty Silence

Sweeny to Mrs Porter

But at My Back

Over Distant

Into the Heart of Light